Doug Hardy-Terry Oates & the MudcatsDoug started playing when he was 9 years old. He loved the bands at the Apple Blossom Festival, especially the drum corps when they got into that heavy sync. He started taking lesson with a big jazz player, Wallace Weiner, where he learned the rudiments. Three years later he was in his first band. He recalls, “I got the job when the band’s drummer couldn’t get the start of a Mitch Ryder song, “Sock it to me baby”. My brother was the bass player – he told the drummer I could show him how to play it. When I did, next thing you know” he was in the band.

Soon after joining the band, they were playing all the local fire halls, teen dances and then competed in the Battle of the Bands in West Virginia at a club called The Alibi a Go-go. Unfortunately, his band didn’t win but Doug was able to talk to the band that did. Later that summer, while at the local park pool, there was a song playing on the jukebox that he recognized it immediately; it was Rare Earth, the band that had won the Battle of the Bands!

He continued to play in performing bands from 1974 to 1984. After a break to pursue car racing, he was back behind the drums in 1990 until 1994 working in the studio with a couple friends, Leland Sloan & Terry Oates. By and large, Doug says that Terry is responsible for bringing him out of retirement:
“I couldn’t help it, the way he plays, the material he wanted to do, all the other guys & girls in the band. Terry is the most down home nice, head banger I’ve ever played with. I’ve known Terry a long time, since we were teenagers, but the last couple of years-He’s blown me away.”

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